Hey, Family!

I am SO excited to welcome you all to my new home! My name is Joanna Coatney, and I’m a super busy mom who’s learning to balance it all. Where did the name Lady Grace come from? Well, my husband gave me the nickname Grace, and because he’s a pastor, you have to throw the “Lady” in front of it! He also often tells the story of how I am a daily reminder that God still blesses people with things they don’t deserve. Yes, I’m blushing!

Originally from Jones Creek, TX, I’m a small town, country girl who loves good food, family time and the great outdoors! I now live in Austin, TX with my amazing husband, Vecente, and our little boy who we affectionately call Third. Being a wife and a mother are two of my life’s greatest joys, and I couldn’t imagine living without them. I especially don’t know how I would wrangle my rambunctious toddler without the help of my husband!

I’m a full-time entrepreneur, Health and Wellness Coach, and CEO of Jump2It Fitness. During my journey to entrepreneurship, I created JumpLit, a jump rope fitness class. JumpLit is my baby and first business venture, and I still can’t believe how it has catapulted me into my current business after launching it on November 28, 2020!

As a pastor’s wife, minister, and ministry leader, ministry is a huge part of my life. I love to serve God’s people in conventional and non-conventional ways and consider it an honor. Being salt and light goes beyond the four walls of the church, and I pray that my platform is a form of ministry for someone, somewhere.

Although I live a hectic life, I’m a huge advocate for self-care, and I encourage moms and women to make themselves a priority. Because you can’t pour from an empty cup!

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you will continue on this journey with me as I’m learning to balance it all!

With Love,

Joanna, The Real Lady Grace