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3 Tips to Change Your Perspective and Become Your Best Self

Perspective is everything. Our perspectives shape the decisions we make and can even influence how we show up in the world. However, we have the power to change our perspective by changing our position. How? I’m so glad you asked!

Where You Stand (Position) Determines What You See (Perspective)

Let’s break it down from a physical standpoint. When we talk about our physical position, we’re talking about where we’re located or placed. When we talk about our physical perspective, we’re talking about the angle or direction in which we look at something. These two things go hand in hand, and the latter is dictated by the former. A perfect example of this is something I stated in an Instagram post from earlier this week.

Have you ever been with someone who tried to point something out to you, but you couldn’t see it? Then, once they told you to shift over a little bit, all of a sudden you could clearly see what they had been pointing at? That slight, physical adjustment made the difference between seeing and not seeing. Change your position and you’ll change your perspective. Would you believe me if I told you that the same rule applies when it comes to our mental position and perspective? It’s true!

Change your position and you’ll change your perspective.

Coach Jo

Mental Position & Perspective Defined

Mentally, our position is our stance or attitude towards a particular matter, and our perspective is how we view it. For example, if you believe that toys corrupt children’s minds (position/stance), then from your perspective, you may feel that toy stores are evil. That perspective will then influence your actions. You won’t visit toy stores, purchase toys for your kids, or even accept toys as gifts from others.

So, I can hear you asking, “WHAT does this have to do with health and wellness?” Again, I am SO glad you asked! When it comes to your health and wellness, your actions are influenced by your perspective, which is dictated by your position. To make it all make sense, let’s look at these two scenarios.

Change Your Position, Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Scenario 1

Position: For so long, you’ve lived a life of service. You have been everything to everybody. Your family and friends know that if they ever need something, they can call on you and you’ll be there. While there’s nothing wrong with serving others, your stance has been that you’re going to do whatever you need to do to help other people, even if it means neglecting yourself. 

Perspective: Because your position has been to put other people and things above yourself, your perspective on taking time to yourself, for yourself or saying no to someone else to fulfill your own needs is that it’s selfish. You may even go as far as to think it’s an excuse to be lazy. 

Actions: You take every opportunity you can to help someone else. You never say no when someone asks you for assistance, even if it is an inconvenience for you. You also don’t take time to intentionally relax and replenish yourself which leads you to the point of anxiety, exhaustion, and eventually burnout.

Now, let’s change the position a little and see how this next scenario plays out.

Scenario 2

Position: You’ve lived a life of service and everyone knows they can count on you just the same. However, your stance has been to do whatever you can for others, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your personal time or leave you feeling depleted. You will only drop what YOU have going on or change YOUR plans in emergency situations. Period!

Perspective: Because your position is to make sure you’re good before giving to others, your perspective is that taking time to yourself, for yourself or saying no to someone is a form of self-preservation and self-love. You now recognize that if you do not prioritize your own physical and mental health, you won’t be ANY good to ANYbody in ANY way!

Actions: You pay attention and listen to your body. When needed, you stop and do what you need to do to ensure you are physically and mentally well. You use the word “no” when you need to and understand that it does not make you a bad person. You feel empowered because YOU are in control of YOUR life.

I Want To Change! Now What?

I’m sure everyone would love to live the life that played out in Scenario 2, but for some, you have no idea where you start. Here are 4 ways that you can begin to change your position, perspective, and live.

1. Disconnect From Negativity

It takes no God to be negative. I’m going to say that again. It take NO God…to be negative. As humans, it is often much easier for us to focus on the negative than it is to search for and point out the positive. And if our emotions are involved, logic usually loses out, sending is into a downward spiral of negative thoughts. If you spend a lot of time around negative people, it’s going to be dang near impossible for you to stay clear of those negative thoughts.

Along with negative people, you also have to rid your life of any negative content you may be consuming. These are the things that slide in undetected and program our minds to gravitate towards those negative thoughts.

2. Change Your Emotional & Mental Diet

How you feed yourself physically will manifest itself physically. The same is to be said for your mental and emotional state. In order to change your perspective, you have to change what you’re feeding yourself emotionally and mentally. Find positive, self-help books, devotionals and podcasts. Search for inspirational social media pages to follow. You can even look for empowering blogs written by women ministers for the purposes of motivating and encouraging (shameless plug). Also, employ yourself as a resource for positivity. Tap into affirmations, scriptures, and pay close attention to your negative self-talk.

3. Always Look For The Win

Every trial or adversity that we face is attached to a bigger and better purpose. It’s the silver lining in every cloud, the sunshine after the rain, and the light at the end of the tunnel. It may not always be blatantly obvious what it is, but “the bright side” will always be present. Sometimes, you just have to take the time to look for it. Roman 8:28 reads, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” The keyword here is ALL. That means the good, the bad, and the ugly. God uses all of it and works it out for our good, to help us grow, increase our faith, and make us stronger and wiser.

There’s Power In Perspective. Take Your Power Back!

If you haven’t felt genuine joy, peace, or happiness in a while, it’s probably due to your perspective. While happiness is an external job affected by what goes on around us, joy and peace are both internal jobs. Both external and internal factors influence our perspective on life and ourselves. Today is the day for you to take inventory of the things going on around you and flowing into your mind. Anything that does not edify you or cultivate a positive perspective needs to go. The time is now for you to do something different to experience the life you deserve. Take your power back, Sis!

Yours In Power & Love,

Coach Jo